White Stag Pants Image

White Stag Pants, don't be fooled!

Don't become fooled by the low price, it's a quality product that match the design and quality of the more expensive brands.

White Stag Pants is a well known private label from Wall-Marts, they have been promoting this popular brand over the past few years. They are very appealing, trendy design and comes with a low price tag. You will end up paying a lot more for a pair of similar pants from another label, no one can match White Stag Pants when it comes to the price and quality.

Don't let the private Wall-Mark label confuse you, this is a great product which have been proven in quite a lot of magazines etc. Keep in mind that these pants normally comes with an free belt, all included in the price, this is not the case with all the models though, but it's a nice bonus when it does.

You can get White Stag in a lot of different materials, such as:

Just incase you didnt knew, they also produce a wide range of other products that match the quality and trendly design, all under the same White Stag label, such as:

What makes these pants better than others?

To be honest, nothing makes these better than others - but you have to compare compare to much more expensive labels, which makes a huge difference when it comes to price/quality. This is a low priced alternative which is matching the quality and design of most other brands, no question about that. It's actually a bonus that the company behind it is Wallmart, they are able to cut the prices more than others, which again provide better prices to the consumer.